At TransIndus we make every effort to ensure the environmental, social and economic impact our holidays have on local communities is positive. We support schools, wildlife conservation and village projects, and favour responsible hotels and operators.

We encourage active participation among clients by including visits to some of the projects, which can be both fun and rewarding. We will be happy to include such visits into your tailor-made holiday, should you so wish.


Jeevika Trust

Founded in 1970 Jeevika, meaning ‘livelihood’ in Hindi, aims to help ‘village India’ embrace all the primary conditions for a viable, dignified and hopeful livelihood through work and employment. Jeevika focuses on tackling the roots of poverty by revitalising rural communities and developing skills amongst women and children in these areas. Jeevika’s work was concentrated around the Schumacher Institute for Appropriate Technology and Rural Development (SIAT), near Lucknow, but it extended its horizons across Orissa and Tamil Nadu in 2005. We at TransIndus are proud of be a part of the trust and help with fund raising and awareness activities. You can make a donation through TransIndus or visit to make a secure payment directly to the trust.

Karunya Kindergarten, Colachel

After the devastating Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, many TransIndus clients sent unsolicited contributions to us with the request that we make best use of the money. With this and a significant contribution of our own, we went to the fishing village of Colachel in coastal Tamil Nadu, devastated by the tsunami. With the aid of International donations the Lebenslicht Charitable Trust had helped build a village school for orphaned children and TransIndus promised to provide a hot lunch for the children to make sure they got at least one nutritious meal a day. Our involvement continues to date and we are proud to report a happy, healthy school community with lively children who enjoy learning through scholastic and extracurricular activities.

Guy's Trust

Transindus is proud to support Guy’s Trust, a small family charity set up our clients Vicky and Tony Joseph in memory of their son Guy, who was tragically killed, aged 25, in a paragliding accident in the Spanish Pyrenees in October 2011.

Guy’s Trust supports projects that reflect Guy’s interests, passions and personality, creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people in developing countries, particularly places with which he had a special connection. 

Guy was a marine biologist and worked as a scuba instructor in Indonesia but went to Nepal to learn to paraglide over the winter of 2010/11. He fell in love with the country, especially the children and had planned to return. Sadly this was not to be.

In Nepal there are over a million children who do not go to school. Although the government recognizes the importance of Early Childhood Development and it is part of the national education plan, it remains largely undelivered and has little impact amongst the poorest and most marginalised sections of society. 

This is why Guy’s Trust, in partnership with international NGO ActionAid, is honouring Guy’s memory by committing to fund the construction of three Guy Joseph Early Childhood Development Centres in the impoverished Kaski district close to Pokhara where Guy lived. This, together with a wider programme of work, will help hundreds of children who would not otherwise go to school to get the start in life they deserve. 

In each of the three villages in the region Guy’s Trust will provide for 150 children up to the age of seven preparing them for and ensuring their entry into primary school. In addition the charity will be training 25 teachers for the surrounding area, offering education in nutrition, health and hygiene to parents and paying for uniforms and lunches. 

In 2013 a group of 30 Guy’s Trust volunteers spent a week working with local people to dig the foundations of the first school. The community, who also benefitted by learning new skills like brick making, worked tirelessly to finish the building and in June this year the ECDC took its first intake of children. In September the second school will open and in October Guy’s parents will be returning to Nepal with a group of friends, on a trip organised by Transindus, to hold official opening ceremonies. 

The charity is currently raising funds to maintain the schools into the future, to provide extra-curricular activities for the children, to expand support for the communities and to build a third school.

Find out more and support Guy’s Trust by visiting Registered charity no 1146422


New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC), Phnom Penh

This wonderful organization on the outskirts of the Cambodian capital cares for around 200 orphans and abandoned youngsters infected with HIV/AIDS. Supported by Bill and Hilary Clinton, the centre includes school rooms, a special medical centre and vegetable gardens, which we encourage any of our clients who are interested in the project’s invaluable work to visit as part of their tour. Workers at the centre are always happy to show visitors around and introduce them to the delightful residents. They also run a well managed child sponsorship scheme for those considering a longer lasting commitment to the centre’s programme.

The AIP Foundation

Vietnam’s spiralling economic growth over the past few decades has had numerous unforeseen consequences, among them a rapid increase in the number of deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents: an estimated 60 people die everyday on the country’s chaotic roads, often from entirely preventable causes. To reverse this trend, the Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation's provides life-saving traffic safety knowledge and skills, and runs an excellent helmet-donation programme in schools, backed by national poster and TV advertising campaigns. AIP hope to reduce child road deaths by a further 80 percent in the coming years.

The Orangutan Appeal UK

Founded in 2000, this British charity, based in Surrey, is dedicated to the rehabilitation and preservation of orang-utans, and the conservation of their habitat. The Appeal strives to protect remaining wild populations by providing support and funding for projects across Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo, and by raising awareness of the plight of this great ape across the globe. The OA is also authorised to work on behalf of the famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. TransIndus are proud to support its ongoing work by being an official Business Partner.

You can find out more about the scheme on the charity’s website: