About Burma

Home to Southeast Asia’s oldest and most culturally sophisticated civilization, Burma is crammed with wondrous historic monuments – from gigantic gilded stupas to vast temple complexes sprawling over thousands of weed-infested acres. It also holds some enthralling landscapes: forested mountains in the north, huge river deltas in the middle and pristine tropical islands in the far south.

Moreover, despite having only recently emerged from decades of enforced isolation from the Asian mainstream, Burma's predominantly Buddhist population are evidently delighted to be able to share their culture with foreign visitors. A perfect blend of old-world charm and rapidly evolving modernity, this is one country where travel still feels like discovery.

We've combined our expert knowledge and design know-how to develop some highly specialised group tours to Burma. These carefully designed itineraries are ideal for the first or second time visitor and showcase the highlights of Myanmar; offering an extra element of adventure and excitement to your experience. Extremely competitively priced, all our group tours maintain the very high standard of a TransIndus holiday.

Essential Information

Capital: Yangon 

Area: 678,500 sq km

Population: 47.7 million

Religion: 90% Theravada Buddhist

Languages: Burmese, with some English spoken in the cities

Time: +6.5 hours (GMT)


When to go

The driest, coolest months in Myanmar are December, January and February, when average maximum temperatures at sea level and in the central plains rarely exceed 30°C and nights may require a blanket. From March onwards, the temperature gauge starts to climb into the high 30s and beyond, in the run up to the water festival of Thingyan in April. After a period of building humidity, mid-May sees the arrival of the tempestuous southwest monsoon, during which heavy rainfall can seriously disrupt travel. The rains peter out in late September–early October, leaving clear, dust-free skies in the central plains through November – the best month to come for serious photographers.

Getting there

No direct flights are available from UK. Some of the best options are on Thai Airways via Bangkok to Yangon, Qatar Airways via Doha, Singapore Airlines via Singapore and Malaysia Airlines via Kuala Lumpur.

Air Travel

A good air network exists between the major towns in Burma. Internal flights though are still erratic and schedules get changed or cancelled often.

Rail Travel

The rail network is limited with long delays frequent, not recommended for comfortable travel.

Boat Travel

Short and Long cruises are available on the mighty Ayeyarwaddy between Bagan and Mandalay or up to Bhamo on the delightful Pandaw cruises and the luxury ‘Road to Mandalay’.

Road Travel

Road travel in Burma is a good way to see the countryside but the road conditions outside the main tourist areas are poor. Private travel is usually by air-conditioned Toyota saloon cars or similar which can comfortably seat three plus the driver. For a larger group Toyota minivans are used which can seat five plus the driver.

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Client Comment

Having hoped for many years to visit Burma, we were more than satisfied with our holiday. Burma is unique in so many ways, politically, economically, ecologically and culturally – we hope that as the country advances the attractive aspects can be retained.

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