About Iran

When the British Foreign Office relaxed its travel advice in the wake of the recent thaw in relations between Iran and the US, we at TransIndus were delighted! This is a country we’ve long yearned to offer to our clients. Iran abounds in the kind of experiences we love: fabulously exotic buildings, a wealth of evocative ancient sites spanning 3,000 years of civilization, exuberant crafts traditions, and otherworldly, highly varied landscapes, to name but a few.

Travellers recently returned from Iran also enthuse about the great warmth and fine manners of the Iranians themselves, who are evidently delighted that the rest of the world has at last woken up to the wonders of the Persian plateau. Theirs is a country with a glittering cultural pedigree. Splendours from past eras still dominate most towns and cities, and the cuisine, ceramics, music and contemporary architecture draw on a cultural legacy with very deep and sophisticated roots.

It is possible to tour the country’s principal highlights in a fortnight, but with an additional week you’ll be able to venture off track to experience a few less well-known destinations.

Essential Information

Capital: Tehran

Area: 1.65 million square kilometres

Population: 77.4 million

Languages: Persian

Time: GMT + 3:30 hrs

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Client Comment

An absolutely outstanding holiday and all-round first-class experience. Between the truly fantastic driver, TransIndus's careful selection of superb hotels, the skilled and knowledgeable guides, and the magnificent sites and seens that we saw, this was an amazing and unforgettable holiday. 

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