About Thailand

With its ancient ruins, jungle hills, vibrantly attired minority people, exquisite tropical beaches and knock-out cuisine, Thailand could have been purpose-built as a visitor destination. “What”, as they say “is not to like?”

Moreover, the country’s world-beating tourism industry has weathered the economic ups and downs of the past decades with admirable insouciance, developing new, ever more sophisticated forms all the time, particularly in the accommodation sector. Some of the beachside five-stars and beautifully sited boutique hotels featured on TransIndus tours will take your breath away.

Our itineraries incorporate the full gamut of unique experiences Thailand has to offer, from scuba diving off the narrow Kra Peninsula in the far south to tours of the hill tribe villages on the northern borders. Between the two lies the cradle of Thai civilization, the central plains, where the ancient capitals of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya offer a fascinating historic counterpoint to the gleaming gold and exuberantly decorated temples of Bangkok, where the royal palace is the home of the country’s most revered treasure, the ‘Emerald Buddha’.

Essential Information

Capital: Bangkok

Area: 514,000 sq km

Population: 65.5 million

Religion: 95% Theravada Buddhist

Languages: Thai, with a little English spoken in the cities

Time: +7 hours (GMT)


When to Go

Thailand may be visited at any time of year, but the recommended period is the dry season between November and March, when all of the islands and coasts remain dependably dry and sunny. Temperatures at night in the mountain regions of the north, however, can drop to around 0°C in December and January, which can come as a shock after the humidity and heat at sea level.

Thailand’s heaviest monsoon begins in May and affects the Andaman Coast most strongly, lasting until October, which rules out rain-free holidays in Krabi, Phuket or Khao Lak at that time. Over on the east coast, however, the weather is frequently clear, making it high season for travel – convenient for families tied to school holidays in July and August.

Getting there 

Thai Airways International and British Airways operate daily flights direct to Bangkok with a flight time of about 12 hours. Eva Air also has direct flights while other airlines like Qatar, KLM and Emirates fly via Doha, Amsterdam and Dubai respectively.

Air Travel

Most of the popular tourist destinations, including the beach resorts, are well connected by air.

Rail Travel

A good and reasonably comfortable rail system exists in most of Thailand, running all the way through to Malaysia. The Eastern and Oriental Express, a luxury train service modelled after the famous Orient Express, is also available with services to Singapore and now to Vientiane.

Boat Travel

Cruising is a popular way of visiting areas around Bangkok such as Ayuthaya and the River Kwai. Overnight cruises are available. Cruising is also available on traditional-style junks around Phuket.

Road Travel

Road travel is recommended as much of Thailand has well maintained roads. Private travel is by Toyota sedan cars which can comfortably seat three plus the driver. For groups of 3 to 4 people, a Toyota Hi-Ace minivan is used which can seat five plus the driver.

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