About Uzbekistan

If any monuments could be said to epitomize the distant splendour of the Silk Road, it’s the domed mosques, tombs and madrasas of Uzbekistan. An ancient cultural crucible between the Amu-Darya (Oxus) and Syr-Darya rivers, this former Soviet republic holds three of the world’s oldest cities – Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva – whose walled centres are best described as ‘open-air museums’, with sights spanning five millennia.

Few visitors venture further than the region’s major hubs, but there is ample incentive to do so. The silk workshops of the fabled Fergana Valley, the forgotten fortresses of the Khorezm Delta region, and nomadic camel herders camps on the fringes of the mighty Kyzl Kum desert provide vivid experiences of ways of life buried for decades under the mantle of Soviet rule.


Essential Information

Capital: Tashkent

Area: 448,978 sq km

Population: 28.1 million

Languages: Uzbek

Time: GMT + 5hrs


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