Off the Beaten Track

You see a completely different side of life when you leave your car or tour bus behind and strike out on foot in South Asia – and TransIndus tours to the region offer you plenty of opportunity to do just that, whether a leisurely amble around a Sri Lankan tea estate to watch leaf pluckers at work, or a full-on trek over high passes to Himalayan valleys where the modern world has made little impact.

In many cases, our hotels have been specially chosen for their attractive rural settings. This allows guests easy access to some wonderful countryside, enabling you to explore local villages and landscapes in a more intimate way. You might be offered the chance to walk to a shrine, ancient monument, favourite local viewpoint or revered tree, or visit a settlement specializing in an art or craft form, such as pottery, weaving or blacksmithing. 

For those wishing to penetrate more remote, mountainous terrain, we also offer trekking extensions to our regular tours. These range from two- or three-day hikes around lush Himalayan foothills in Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal, to week-long expeditions at altitude involving nights under canvas and ascents of wind-swept passes bristling with prayer flags. 

The pay-offs are manifold: the chance to see the majestic Annapurna summits before dawn, when they’re bathed in ethereal, amber-coloured alpenglow; or a view down a forested valley from a village made entirely of granite and cedar wood, several days’ walk from the nearest road; or the experience of camping in a high meadow, as moonlight illuminates the ice peaks towering on all sides.

Trekking in the Indian subcontinent, however, is not confined to the Himalayas. Several regions further south – notably around Kodagu (Coorg) in Karnataka and the Western Ghat range dividing Kerala and Tamil Nadu – also hold great potential for high-altitude and jungle treks, and our local experts on hand to arrange the best routes, guides and porters, whatever level of challenge you wish to tackle.

Indigenous tribes in South Asia

All countries covered on TransIndus tours to South Asia have their own distinctive indigenous groups. India alone recognizes 645 ‘scheduled tribes’, each with its particular language, customs and religious practises. 

Most live in areas well off the tourist trail, amid dense forests where they survive from subsistence agriculture, hunting and gathering. But TransIndus travellers are likely to cross paths with indigenous people on several of our regional tours, notably those to Orissa in eastern India, the Northeast Hill States of Assam and Nagaland, Kutch in north-western Gujarat and some of the more remote corners of Arunachal Pradesh in the Himalayas.

Of these, Kutch is the best geared up for tourism. Visitors to the region are welcomed at villages belonging to many different minority groups, both Hindu and Muslim, where men and women wear extravagant and colourful costume – part of a rich handicrafts tradition that’s received a major boost from tourism in recent decades. Mirror-inlaid patchwork quilts, embroidered bedspreads and tie-dyed textiles are just some of the dazzling work on sale.

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Hokkaido: Land of Fire and Ice

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Pandaw: The Myeik Archipelago

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The Pandaw company has made a name for itself breaking new ground – or more accurately, ‘new waters’ – with its river cruises through remote reaches of Asia.

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Discover Borneo

17 day tour from £4170

Explore Sarawak and Sabah’s world-renowned wildlife parks, staying at a series of comfortable ecolodges in the heart of the rainforests.

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Sulawesi Explorer

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Wild Indonesia

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Take a walk on Indonesia’s wild side to see endangered orangutans, Komodo dragons, proboscis monkeys, elephants and other amazing jungle creatures across four exotic Indonesian islands.

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Wild Thailand

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In addition to some of Thailand’s key cultural attractions, this varied two-week trip focusses on exploration of four superb national parks from the lush Gulf coast, to the jungle-covered central p

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Unexplored Thailand

13 day tour from £3320

This two week itinerary focusses on the little visited Northeastern region of Isaan, to experience its unique culture and cuisine, superbly sited Khmer temples, national parks and atmospheric Mekon

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Active Myanmar

20 day tour from £5300

Cycling and walking trips to remote monuments, minority villages and wild mountain summits feature on this adventure-filled, 20-day tour. 

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Myanmar Discovery

22 day tour from £5480

As well as the country’s main sights, this trip features visits to some very off-the-beaten-path locations, seldom visited by foreigners.

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