Body and Soul

Every self-respecting luxury hotel in South Asia has its own spa, where you can recover from the travails of sub-continental travel with a reviving steam bath, full-body massage or face-pack of Himalayan mud laced with aromatic herbs. They vary wildly in style and levels of sophistication. But the one thing they all tend to have in common is Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of medicine, with roots as old as Hinduism itself. At its core is the belief that illness derives from an imbalance in the three key humours: vata (air); pitha (fire); and kapha (earth). Good health may, conversely, be brought about by re-balancing the elements using a combination of physical therapies, herbal oils, medicines and changes to diet.

Some of ayurveda’s stock-in-trade techniques, particularly massage, translate well into a modern spa context, which is why you’ll find them offered in nearly every hotel TransIndus uses, alongside rose-petal baths, hot-stone sessions, yoga and reflexology.

Bliss out to a view across serene Vembanad Lake in Kerala as a team of massage therapists soak you in healing oils; or soak in a hot tub filled with neem tea in the Himalayan foothills, as wind stirs the massive cedars outside your spa window.

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