River Cruising

A refreshing way to explore India, Southeast Asia and the Far East, river cruises offer a new way of discovering these destinations at a relaxing pace. From the comfort of your boat, observe daily life in these exotic cultures and visit must-see sites. Connect with nature whilst gliding through lush quiet waterways and glimpse places off the beaten track. These highly recommended cruises are ideal for those wanting a tour with a different angle for a truly unique experience.

Highlights include visiting tribal villages and Mughal gardens, learning about silk weaving in Indochina and breathtaking mountain views and teak forests in Burma. The UNESCO world heritage site of Vat Phou in Laos, the emerald waters, caves and islands of Vietnam, and floating markets, ancient temples and Khmer crafts in Saigon.

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Pandaw: The Myeik Archipelago

7 day tour from £2355

The Pandaw company has made a name for itself breaking new ground – or more accurately, ‘new waters’ – with its river cruises through remote reaches of Asia.

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Sanctuary Yangtzi Explorer

4 day tour from £1225

The smallest of the Yangtze cruisers, with only 62 exclusive cabins and suites (the most spacious on the river), this is the crème de la crème of Yangtze cruisers, and our number one choice.

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Pandaw Cruise: Halong Bay and the Red River

11 day tour from £2790

Explore northern Vietnam on a Pandaw cruise. Navigate the Red River and Halong Bay, and further off-track along the Duong River and Black River, deep into the Vietnamese highlands.

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Pandaw Cruise: The Laos Mekong

11 day tour from £2500

This expedition traverses Laos to touch Thailand and Burma at the once notorious Golden Triangle.

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Pandaw Cruise: The Mighty Brahmaputra

12 day tour from £4435

The mighty Brahmaputra river in Northern India originates high in the Himalayas before flowing through the scenic Assam Valley where UNESCO protected national parks and remote rural communities pro

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The Holy Ganges

7 day tour from £2845

Offering an insight into rural Bengal and neighbouring Bihar, the cruises on the Ganges are 6 nights downstream or 8 nights upstream from Patna or Farakka – or vice versa.

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Century River Cruises

4 day tour from £475

An elegant and memorable cruise on the mighty Yangtze river is a life-time highlight for any sophisticated traveller.

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Sanctuary Ananda

4 day tour from £715

Named after the beautiful Ananda Temple in Bagan, Ananda also translates in Sanskrit as 'extreme happiness' - one of the highest states of being.

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Brahmaputra Maximum

11 day tour from £3360

This 10-night cruise covers most of the highlights of Assam, with elephant and jeep safaris looking for rhino in Kaziranga National Park, visits to the old capital of the Ahom kings and to the Hind

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The Historic Hugli

8 day tour from £2760

The Hooghly river, a side stream of the Ganges, is dotted with historic sites, from Kolkata at its southernmost tip to Jangipur in the north.

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