Soft Adventure

TransIndus was among the first operators to offer luxury soft adventure tours to South Asia, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new and more wonderful ways to experience the region’s natural and cultural riches.

Soft adventure basically means trips that steer you off the beaten track to amazing places, without imposing excessive physical demands or an element of risk. Getting there is half the fun, whether on elephant back, bicycle or white-water raft. You’ll meet local people who have no connection with the tourist industry, for a more real, authentic experience of the country.

All you need is a spirit of, well, ‘soft’ adventure.

Delve in the forested mountains of northern Kerala for a glimpse of a rare lion-tailed macaque. Drive across the world’s highest mountain range to visit a remote Buddhist monastery gouged out of a massive cliff face. Or catch a local ferry across the Brahmaputra River in Assam to attend a ritual play by Vaishnava monks on Majuli Island.

And afterwards, retire to a comfortable hotel or lodge for a hot shower, first-class meal and peaceful night’s sleep so you’re fully re-charged and ready for more the next day.

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China's Forgotten Himalaya

12 day tour from £4600

A chain of five beautifully sited luxury lodges in the mountainous northwestern corner of Yunnan Province enable you to experience the region’s most awe-inspiring scenery and Tibetan culture in mat

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Ultimate Silk Road

28 day tour from £7500

For anyone hooked on the romance of the ancient Silk Road, this epic, month-long tour has it all.

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China's Ancient Silk Road

19 day tour from £5900

Our recommended route for exploring China’s Silk Road begins with an in-depth exploration of the imperial cities which the trade artery helped to create.

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Great Cities of the Silk Road

12 day tour from £2695

If you’ve been seduced by an image of a magnificent tiled mosque, tomb or madrasa framed by patchworks of flat rooftops or endless desert, chances are it’ll feature on this tour of Uzbekistan’s cul

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Northern Exposure

15 day tour from £3880

Travel to one of the last truly wild corners of the planet on this two-week tour covering the highlights of north and central Mongolia.

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Hokkaido: Land of Fire and Ice

15 day tour from £5100

This itinerary is the only one on our books that’s self-driven, for the simple reason that public transport connections to and from Hokkaido’s national parks (which hold the most spectacular scener

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Discover Borneo

17 day tour from £4170

Explore Sarawak and Sabah’s world-renowned wildlife parks, staying at a series of comfortable ecolodges in the heart of the rainforests.

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Wild Malaysia

17 day tour from £3100

The national parks and reserves of Peninsular Malaysia and its islands form the backbone of this varied 17-day trip, which covers the full gamut of the region’s landscapes and climate zones, from c

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City, Jungle & Beach Adventure

14 day tour from £1750

A perfect family summer getaway; explore bustling Bangkok on some private tours taking different forms of transport. Spend three days in a luxurious jungle lodge with attached elephant camp in the lush Khao Sok National Park. Finish with a few days on the beach on the beautiful Andaman coast.

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Walking Ancient China

14 day tour from £4350

A private tour of China where you can explore the history and landscape on foot. Hike along lesser visited sections of the Great Wall, spending the night in a guest house at the local water town.

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