Soft Adventure

TransIndus was among the first operators to offer luxury soft adventure tours to South Asia, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new and more wonderful ways to experience the region’s natural and cultural riches.

Soft adventure basically means trips that steer you off the beaten track to amazing places, without imposing excessive physical demands or an element of risk. Getting there is half the fun, whether on elephant back, bicycle or white-water raft. You’ll meet local people who have no connection with the tourist industry, for a more real, authentic experience of the country.

All you need is a spirit of, well, ‘soft’ adventure.

Delve in the forested mountains of northern Kerala for a glimpse of a rare lion-tailed macaque. Drive across the world’s highest mountain range to visit a remote Buddhist monastery gouged out of a massive cliff face. Or catch a local ferry across the Brahmaputra River in Assam to attend a ritual play by Vaishnava monks on Majuli Island.

And afterwards, retire to a comfortable hotel or lodge for a hot shower, first-class meal and peaceful night’s sleep so you’re fully re-charged and ready for more the next day.

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The Ultimate Travelling Camp: Ladakh

11 day tour from £4095

Embark on a nomadic journey through the centuries-old culture of Ladakh. Explore fascinating monuments, monasteries, fairs and festivals.

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Kerala Adventure

12 day tour from £1195

Start in historic Fort Cochin for our Kerala Adventure tour, which showcases the very best this state has to offer: from pristine views of the Western Ghats to the idyllic backwaters and the golden

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Trans-Himalayan Odyssey

15 day tour from £3574

This motorbike journey, along the ancient Trans-Himalayan trade route to obscure villages and monasteries, is an exciting new adventure holiday from TransIndus that packs so much into two weeks.

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Legends of the Silk Road

23 day tour from £7495

Follow in Marco Polo’s footsteps on a journey from the imperial heartland of China’s eastern seaboard to the dry, dusty capitals of Central Asia – Kashgar, Bukhara and Samarkhand – whose names are

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