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South Asia’s extraordinarily diverse landscapes support a correspondingly impressive array of wildlife. One of the most fertile parts of planet earth, the region teems with creatures, both large and small, and even an evening on the veranda in the city will yield entertaining encounters with tree squirrels, geckos, mongoose, kites and inquisitive house crows.

However, for a glimpse of the subcontinent’s benchmark species in the wild, you’ll have to travel to its wilder fringes, where hundreds of national parks and sanctuaries offer world-class viewing experiences.

The animal every wildlife enthusiasts hopes to see once in their lifetime, of course, is the Bengal tiger. Under constant pressure from poachers, tiger numbers have plummeted to the brink of extinction in recent decades, though stable populations survive in parks such as Chitwan in Nepal, and Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Kaziranga in India. The latter, ranged over a fecund flood plane along the Brahmaputra River in Assam, is also the place to see the heavily armoured, notoriously grumpy one-horned rhino.

Further south, the undisputed stars of the southern jungles, draped over the Western Ghats range in India and rainforests of Sri Lanka, are its elephants, lion-tailed macaques and primeval gaur bison. Sri Lanka is also home to its own endemic species of rosette-spotted leopard.

Few areas of the world enjoy such a varied and abundant birdlife as South Asia, and your TransIndus holiday will yield many opportunities for memorable sightings, whether you’re a confirmed enthusiast or just someone with a passing interest in the natural world. Indeed, many TransIndus guests cite spotting colourful, exotic birds as among the unexpected highlights of their trips. 

Birds pop up wherever you go. Even seated on your hotel veranda you’re certain to see a little flock of mynah birds hopping around in search of tit bits, a Brahmin kite or two wheeling overhead, fork-tailed bulbuls flitting over the lawns, bright green parakeets screeching past, and a couple of audacious house crows sneaking up for a bite of your sandwich when your back is turned.

Down south, kingfishers and bee-eaters provide astonishing splashes of colours among the paddy fields, along with turquoise rollers and gleaming white cattle egrets. Rarer standout species you might encounter in dedicated reserves include the gigantic Saras crane, which grows as tall as an average man, white-bellied fish eagles swopping into the shallows and, amid the sun-baked salt flats of western Gujarat, flocks of pink flamingos.

Vultures, another quintessentially Indian species, are sadly much rarer these days, but are making a slow come back.

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Hokkaido: Land of Fire and Ice

15 day tour from £5100

This itinerary is the only one on our books that’s self-driven, for the simple reason that public transport connections to and from Hokkaido’s national parks (which hold the most spectacular scener

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The Jungle Book Tour: Mowgli & Mumbai

8 day tour from £2086

Travel to the depths of Kipling country on this focussed, eight-day wildlife tour to central India.

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Borneo Family Adventure

15 day tour from £2800

With such a wide variety of activities combining leisure and education, with excellent accommodation, a comfortable climate and short transfer times, Sabah in Borneo is a wise choice for a family holiday. And with its best months being April – September, its perfect for a summer getaway.

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Peninsula Nature & Wildlife

17 day tour from £3060

Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Penang may be the well known highlights of Peninsula Malaysia but explore a bit further a field and there is an abundance of natural beauty.

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Wildlife of Nepal

12 day tour from £3195

Nepal’s expansive national parks are particularly rich in flora and fauna and protect one of the largest stretches of tiger habitat in the world.

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Southern Wildlife

16 day tour from £3465

A nature lover’s delight and a joy for birdwatchers, this tour takes you through some of the finest natural habitats in the Western Ghats.

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Off The Beaten Track

12 day tour from £3065

This tour focuses on the lesser visited, wildlife parks of Pench, Satpura and Tadoba which offer exceptional birding experience as well as good chances of spotting sloth bear, wild dogs, tiger and

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Tiger Trail: the Parks of Central India

12 day tour from £2365

This exhilarating tour strings together northern India’s three most famous national parks: Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh & Kanha and is designed for wildlife enthusiasts.

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Wonders of Borneo

10 day tour from £1795

On our tour of Malaysian Borneo venture into some of the world's oldest rainforests, teeming with a wild array of exotic flora and fauna as well as canopy walkways and mysterious cave systems.

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Wildlife of Sri Lanka

12 day tour from £3245

Especially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, this tour of Sri Lanka visits the southern half of the country and its wildlife parks including the UNESCO World Heritage site – the Sinharaja rainfore

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