David Abram

Writer, Photographer and Researcher

David produces our brochure and website copy, and contributes photos and videos on destinations featured on the TransIndus list. He first registered on our radar after a series of articles on India he wrote for British newspapers and magazines in the 1990s. Author of more than 20 travel guides (including the Rough Guides to India, Goa, Kerala and DK’s Eyewitness Guide to Myanmar), he has spent over three decades exploring remote parts of Asia, and regularly gives talks on about his adventures, which in 2017 included journeys with TransIndus team members to Iran and Uzbekistan.

For the full picture, visit www.davidabram.co.uk or follow him on Instagram (@davidrabram)

Travel high: Zanskar, India. “I once walked along a frozen river for five days to reach the Himalayan region of Zanskar in mid-January, where I spent a couple of weeks living with local families in a landscape reminiscent of Antarctica. The highpoint was waking up to a cloudless sky on my first morning. The ice peaks around Padum looked majesterial in their winter plumage.”

Favourite hotel: Devi Garh, Delwara, Rajasthan. “Arriving at this palace hotel outside Udaipur, I was showered with rose petals and spent my first hour watching parakeets feasting on flame-tree flowers, against a backdrop of flat, whitewashed rooftops and desert hills. After the rain and grey streets of London, it all felt like a kind of heaven.”

Travel tip: Shaxi Valley, Yunnan. “Shaxi is everything you dream of seeing in China – Ming-era houses with upswept eaves, humpbacked bridges and local Bai people in traditional dress – but with a fraction of the number of visitors you find at nearby Dali and Lijiang.”