Retail Sales Executive

Dipika has responsibility for liaising with our lovely retail agents all across the country. Raised in Essex, she studied at Manchester University and now lives in London, where she was worked in various travel-related jobs for the past seven years.

“I think I was born with the travel bug. It has taken me to over 50 counties, in many different styles of travel. My family are originally from India so I have been lucky to be see a lot of Asia. I like a challenge:  my biggest achievement to date was probably climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I’m an explorer with a passion for all things related to health and fitness – and a massive foodie!”

Travel High

“Celebrating Holi festival in India. “We were meant to spend Holi in the sacred lakeside town of Pushkar, in Rajasthan, but ended up in a small village called Tordi. It was such a great day. The local children were essentially having a big fight with coloured water. Everyone was in good spirits and there was a real sense of community.”

Favourite Hotel

Hanging Gardens, Ubud. “The iconic infinity pool overlooking the jungle really is as spectacular as the pictures look. It is very remote and peaceful, and offers the ultimate luxury stay Bali. My highlight was an outdoor massage overlooking the banks of the river.”

Travel trip

“When visiting Nepal, exploring the Annapurna region is a must – the diverse and breathtaking scenery is priceless. I did the Annapurna Sanctuary trek and the people were some of the friendliest (and the momos were delicious too!). Top tip is not to pack too many items that need a lot of charging as power cuts occur daily.”