Product Consultant

Kay initially got the travel bug when she sold her first car to buy an around-the-world flight ticket. After a year travelling through Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and backpacking on the Maldive Islands long before luxurious resorts were available, she returned to the UK to work for a tour operator, developing trips throughout Australasia and Africa. After countless short visits, Kay decided to explore the region more thoroughly, travelling around China and Vietnam by local train.

Her passion for the Indian Subcontinent came to the fore after a period working in product development in India, Nepal, Bhutan, and most recently Sri Lanka. During her extensive travels, Kay made use of the long-haul flights to research and complete a BA Hons Degree in International Studies.

Favourite Destination


“I find Varanasi completely mesmerising, and a far cry indeed my home in the Scottish Highlands.  Walking along the ghats that lead down to the mighty Ganges you can witness the circle of life: children shrieking with laughter as they take their first swimming lessons; holy men sitting on the banks meditating and families reflecting on the loss of a loved one. Each evening colourful aarti ceremonies take place. Bells ring and Brahmas chant mantras as the river is worshipped with flowers and candles. The whole experience is magical”.

Travel High

Kay is happiest seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, so it’s no wonder her favourite high was while on a jeep safari in Kanha National Park. Here she witnessed a tigress in a stand-off with a herd of gaur (Indian bison).  After an hour of interaction, the coast was finally clear for the tiger to relax in a refreshing waterhole. It was only then that she called out and her three tiny cubs emerged from their hiding place, safe in the knowledge their mum was there to protect them.

Favourite Hotel

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

“From the moment I entered the Umaid Bhawan Palace I felt like royalty. A parasol shaded me from the sun and rose petals were scattered from above as I entered the grand staircase. The architecture of the palace is incredible (especially the vast dome above the central lobby), while peacocks parade on the manicured lawns”.

Travel Tip

When flying from Delhi to Paro in Bhutan, try and get a window seat on the left hand side of the plane. On a clear day you will be rewarded with incredible views of Mount Everest.