Specialist: Indian Subcontinent & Malaysia/Borneo

Vasu was born and raised in Delhi, and as a child travelled extensively around his home patch, particularly the Himalayan areas, where he developed a passion for walking, wildlife and the outdoors. Through mountaineering trips and long-haul motorcycle adventures on his trusty Enfield, he later developed a passion for more obscure and remote locations in India, and worked as a tour escort before coming to the UK to study for a Master’s degree in Responsible Tourism Management. He joined the TransIndus team in 2011, specializing in off-the-beaten track India, and the mountain kingdoms of Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal, as well as Sri Lanka and the southeast Asian wildlife hotspots of Malaysia and Borneo.

A keen birdwatcher and photographer, Vasu is also an adrenalin junky, spending his weekends and holidays skydiving or white-water rafting.

 Travel high

“Watching a leopard going for a kill on a trekking expedition in the Gharwal Himalaya”.

Favourite hotel Reef Villa & Spa, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

“I spent the final couple of days of a recent trip to Sri Lanka relaxing on a beautiful, salmon-coloured beach around half an hour’s drive south of Colombo. The perfect place to unwind before the journey home, Wadduwa is also the site of a delightful boutique hotel built to resemble an old-style plantation house. Owners Bernadette and Brendan have packed its rooms with heirlooms from around the subcontinent: sturdy 1840s four-posters, punkah fans and rattan chairs to lounge in. With its secret pavilions and lotus ponds, the garden’s also lovely”.

Travel tip

Marine turtles, Sabah. “On a recent trip to Sabah (Malaysian Borneo), I was lucky enough to visit the Turtle Islands National Park, on the island of Selingan. After travelling by boat for an hour across the Sulu Sea, you can spend the day snorkelling or sunbathing. After dark, endangered green and hawksbill turtles swim ashore to lay their eggs in the sand, while hatchlings are transferred by wardens to the waves – an unforgettable spectacle