It’s said that 30 million people travel on India’s railway system every day – a statistic not hard to believe if you’ve ever scrambled though the mêlée of porters and passengers trying to board a long-distance express out of New Delhi station! No such hurly-burly, however, attends trips on the country’s glittering luxury train services, on which you can travel around the country in the high style of India’s Maharajahs, pampered by turbaned attendants in sumptuously decorated carriages.

We are delighted to present our selection of journeys that represent the most exciting routes, excursions and services.

If this is your first trip and you’d like to tick off the great sights of the Golden Triangle, the Palace On Wheels is probably the one for you. Its main competitor, the Maharaja’s Express, is a newer and more luxurious option; while the Deccan Odyssey offers more innovative, off-track routes further south.

Our specialist consultants will be able to lead you through the various pros and cons of each service, ensuring you book the one that best meets your needs.

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