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Malaysia and Borneo Wildlife Holidays

Tailor-made, private journeys and group tour wildlife holidays in Asia


Some of the world’s rarest and most enthralling birds and animals survive in the wild corners of Asia. Tigers, one-horned rhinos, elephant, lion-tailed macaques, snub-nosed monkeys, orangutans and leopard can all be routinely spotted in the wild, if you know where to look and are prepared to travel to see them.

Thankfully, this has never been easier. Domestic flights can take you most the way – even to the depths of the rainforest in Borneo and fringes of the Himalayan snow line in winter. And when you get there, world-class accommodation is these days invariably on offer, where you can soak up the atmosphere of the wilderness in great style and comfort.

Knowing which camps and lodges offer the best viewing experiences and hospitality is central to what we do. If you’re determined to tick off a tiger, we’ll know which of India’s national parks offer the best odds, and where you should stay if you want to be accompanied on game drives by top naturalists. If you want to go to Indonesia to dive, we’ll be able to tell you which islands and diving schools give access to the richest marine life. Sri Lanka is great for sighting sperm whales, but which excursion boats work to international safety standards, and which don’t?


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