Bhutan is a relative newcomer to the world of adventure tourism but is fast making up for lost time. Some fabulous routes have recently been opened up for trekkers, cyclists, kayakers and rafters, giving access to some of the most pristine landscapes in the entire Himalayas.

Trekkers used to the relatively busy trails of Nepal and north India will be amazed at how wild and un-frequented the mountain paths in Bhutan are, even those around larger towns such as Thimpu and Paro. Walk a few hours off any road, and you’ll find yourself in a world that has altered little in centuries. For longer itineraries, trekkers nearly always have to camp and take along enough supplies to last the entire trip, carried by porters and ponies.

Kayaking and rafting expeditions have to be just as self-sufficient. Routes have been surveyed on six major rivers, and most of the places you camp are several days’ walk away from any road, amid vast spruce, maple and juniper forests, with a backdrop of distant snow peaks.

Even from the road, however, the views are terrific, which makes for some great cycling possibilities. The relative absence of traffic in Bhutan, and the excellent condition of the roads, are other advantages. We’ve also teamed up with a local crew of off-road cycling specialists to offer the best mountain bike experiences.

Whatever your chosen sport, we can help you decide on the best routes and arrange for professional guides, world-class, imported gear and support vehicles to be ready when you arrive.


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