With its extensive tracts of undisturbed forest and pristine, high-altitude terrain, Bhutan encompasses areas of exceptional bio-diversity. Elephant, one-horned rhinos, tiger, red pandas, black bears, Himalayanblue sheep, show leopard and clouded leopard survive in its numerous national parks and have been filmed by foreign documentary makers. Little census work, however, has as yet been done to estimate population numbers. The wide-dispersal of these signature species across vast, inaccessible areas also means they can be difficult to spot. Moreover, few of the reserves have any visitor infrastructure, meaning to have any real chances of sightings you have to mount an expedition lasting a couple of weeks or more.

That said, any visitor prepared to make a bit of an effort is guaranteed sightings of three standout species. Extremely rare in South Asia, but relatively common in central Bhutan, the golden langur is often encountered in forests along the Trongsa–Zhemgang highway in the centre of the country. Bhutan claims 4,000 of the 5,000-strong world population of this beautiful, silky furred primate and they are a joy to encounter.

Takin, the national animal, can be routinely sighted at the Motithang Takin Preserve, near Thimpu, which features on most of our itineraries. To catch a glimpse of the elusive red panda, however, you’ll have to travel to the far east of the country, where they survive in healthy numbers.

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