Just a few kilometres north of Haifa is Akko, or Acre as it has long been known as, a UNESCO world heritage site, one of the world’s oldest port, and one of few Ottoman walled cities, complete with citadels, mosques, khans and baths, built on top of the remains of the crusader structures. Akko has been extensively excavated and conserved in recent years resulting in the creation of a new visitor’s centre. Visit the beautifully renovated Knights Hall of the Hospitaller fortress, and the Templars Tunnel, used by Templars to get from the port area in the east into the fortress in the west. Today Akko is a charming town, with a bustling market and a busy port. Take a stroll along the seafront atop the ancient walls and watch the fisherman bringing in their catch or take a boat ride to see the walls from the water.

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