The largest, wealthiest and most sophisticated of Thailand’s islands offers some of the country's most spectacular seascapes including the surreal limestone pillars that tower above its bays of translucent, jade blue water.

Tourism has certainly made its mark here, and the trend in recent years has been towards chic and boutique hotels with fine dining restaurants and spas. In today’s post-Covid-World these hotels have translated themselves into safe havens of care and well-being for today’s breed of health conscious travellers.

For those of you who enjoy exploring, the island offers a rich and multifaceted cultural heritage with influences of the Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, French and British settlers. We find the Sino-Portuguese, Chinese shrines and the rich vibrant art scene of the old town a huge draw with street art on almost every corner. An ever-growing number of excellent artisan cafes and experimental cocktail bars serve everything from Dim Sum breakfasts to a multitude of fusion curries throughout the day and we recommend you make time for a visit.

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