The Raja Ampat archipelago is a group of widely dispersed, largely deserted islands and islets off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia’s most easterly province. Incredibly remote and unspoilt, it requires considerable effort to reach, but those prepared to commit to the journey are rewarded with an experience of a pristine natural environment of a kind that’s now exceedingly rare in this region.

Divers, in particular, rave about the Raja Ampats, whose numerous world-class dive sites are protected as a Marine National Park – regarded as one of the world’s most biodiverse sub-aqua zones, on par with the Great Barrier Reef and Galapagos, with a staggering 374 species of fish and coral recorded so far, including many found nowhere else on earth. You can reach the islands either by plane, staying at the beautiful Sorido Bay Resort, or on a long-distance live-aboard cruise out of Bali. Whatever you choose, a glimpse of paradise is guaranteed.

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