The 3-day round walk through Mulu’s rainforest to the world-famous Pinnacles is the park’s signature experience, and reason enough to make the journey. Culminating with a panoramic view of the 50-metre-tall needles, the route can be arduous and is only recommended for the physically fit.

Day 1 starts with a visit to Wind and Clearwater show caves (the longest in Southeast Asia), followed by a short boat ride to the trailhead at Long Litut, where the walk proper begins. A gently undulating 9-km trail brings you to Camp 5, where trekkers bed down in dormitory tents run by the Park. Hot meals are served in a communal dining area. The first part of Day 2 is mostly uphill, involving 3-4 hours of strenuous climbing, till you reach a natural balcony on Mount Api at 1200m, from where a magnificent view of the Pinnacles is revealed. You then return back down the mountain to Camp 5, following the route in reverse to arrive at the Park HQ around mid-afternoon on Day 3.

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