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Travelling with youngsters in Asia can yield some of the most positive and memorable moments of family life. But it can also be challenging, particularly if it’s your first long-haul trip with children in tow. Little details, such as getting the choice of flight routings and accommodation right to minimize transfer times, can make all the difference. Ensuring you’ll have suitable activities planned is also key.

In our experience, buildings trips around wildlife spotting can be a good strategy. Tiger drives in India, orangutan safaris in Borneo and canopy walks in the rainforests of Malaysia all get rave reviews from younger clients, along with visits to elephant camps, where families may help wash and feed rescued elephants, and take short rides in the forest.

For older children, hiking, biking and canoeing trips are a great way to explore off-track areas, such as the wildlife reserves of Sarawak, or rural hinterlands around the Mekong Delta. Kids, of course, also love the elemental pleasures of staying close to remote beaches. Some of our favourites are in Thailand and Indonesia, where they can snorkel in transparent water, swim in shoals of multi-coloured fish and collect exotic shells.

Most of the resorts we use also offer professional childcare facilities, so you and your loved one can enjoy some well-earned downtime while you’re away. Our consultants will also be able to suggest many places where you and your children can interact with local families, sharing lives very different from your own.

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