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Beaches of Bali, Kuta, Seminyak, and Jimbaran Bay, clustered around the south coast of Bali and close to the airport, are among the most popular resorts in Indonesia and offer terrific value. There are some fantastic, well-priced, and well-run upmarket resorts here, with excellent restaurants and great nightlife if you enjoy revelling at a party! Surfing and water sports, in general, are well enjoyed here.

If you prefer a quieter situation, why not explore the beautiful beaches on Bali's eastern coast, like Nusa Dua, and Sunur, both of which offer a clutch of beautiful resorts and options for cultural exploration nearby. Similarly, Suluban Beach further south, closer to the southernmost tip of the Bukit Peninsula combines a quieter beach stay with a great surf and a chance to explore the nearby limestone grottos, fascinating hidden caves, and the Uluwatu Temple, perched on the edge of a cliff, where traditional Kecak dance performances take place each evening at sunset.


Selong Blanak, Lombok, is a standout beach with shimmering white sands, bright turquoise waters, and a serene atmosphere. The sea here is ideal for swimming and novice surfers can learn and practice here. Compared to other Lombok beaches, this is less uncrowded and a favourite spot for locals who come for the small, family-owned eateries and soak in the evening watch the sunset.


Pantai Jelenga Beach, Sumbawa, is an emerging beach for serious surfers who do not want to share the surf with too many others. It has some comfortable and attractive surf lodges. Calmer waters closer to shore along Pantai Jelenga stretch are excellent for kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. While in Sumbawa it's worth driving northwest to the spectacular Bawana Beach to experience the giant stone arch's towering over the brilliant white sands. You will find plenty of photographers here's practicing their art!


Iboih Beach, Sumatra, is a protected cove on Pulau Weh in Sumatra's northernmost Aceh region. It is awash with healthy, vibrant coral reefs that attract a kaleidoscope of tropical fish. It's a favourite escape for anyone who enjoys an active beach break, as it offers excellent snorkelling and opportunities to hike up to smouldering volcanoes nearby, explore wildlife in virgin forests and experience sulphur-fuming hot springs. Why would you need to look elsewhere?


Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung Island, Sumatra, is a hidden gem and a perfect destination for those hoping to get off the beaten path. Located on the tiny island of Belitung, off the coast of Sumatra, this beach is starkly different from any other, with giant granite boulders strewn across it. While popular among the locals, only some tourists reach the beach due to its location unless they visit Sumatra.


The Pink Beaches of Komodo—Most people venture to these parts for the World's largest lizard, known as the Komodo Dragons, which is found only on a handful of islands in this region, but they tend to stay a bit longer to experience the Pink Beaches here—a relatively unique phenomenon found only in a few places across the World. The pink hue of the sand here comes from the naturally crushed shells of millions of microscopic single-celled marine animals living on offshore reefs.

These islands are uninhabited and protected territories, and it is only possible to visit them for day trips from nearby resorts or if you are navigating these waters by sailboat. They are Best visited at dusk or dawn when the sands glow at their brightest


Tangkoko Beach, Sulawesi, is ideal for those keen on combining active wildlife explorations with a beach stay. This beach's shimmering slate grey sands back onto the conservation rainforest, teaming with wildlife, including the crested black macaque, cuscuses, red-knobbed hornbills, and, most notably, big-eyed tarsiers. The resorts here offer a rare chance to combine wildlife explorations in the rainforest with a cooling dip and relaxation by the sea at teh end of the day.