India    22.10.2022    Amrit Singh

Most of us are familiar with the Indian festival of Diwali and the great exuberance with which it is celebrated across the world. It brings out the best in the nation as each region celebrates the triumph of good over evil in its own unique ways.   It gives a reason to light up everything around us and within, right from our living rooms to the neglected corners of the house, to finding light within. Tribune correspondent Neha Saini and lensman Vishal Kumar capture the mood of residents at the market places ahead of the festival of lights. 

A popular saying goes, Dal Roti Ghar Di, Diwali Ambarsar Di. This literally defines not just the display of festivities in city but also the spirit and fervour with which Amritsaris celebrate the festival of joy and light. Whether it’s the busy bylanes inside the walled city or the clean outlets in the city malls, the festive décor signals the onset of festivities as grand floral and traditional motifs adorn the market places to invite consumers, who are ready to indulge in some festive shopping though with recent price hike and inflation, anxiousness is writ large on the faces of consumers and traders. But some Diwali spark is sure to cheer up the mood.