India    07.11.2021    TransIndus

The UK unveiled a new £5 coin on Diwali, 04 Nov 21 in London to mark the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Royal Mint said it is proud to honour one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century with a brand-new £5 coin. Created by the designer Heena Glover, the Mahatma Gandhi Coin features a lotus, the national flower of India, which symbolises Gandhi’s gentleness, strength and ability to thrive when faced with adversity. The coin’s reverse also features one of Gandhi’s most profound quotes – ‘My life is my message’.

The Mahatma Gandhi 2021 UK Coin is the perfect keepsake to commemorate an icon who changed the world and whose vision of hope, peace and tolerance still resonates more than seven decades after his death.