The Mekong flows through the heart of Laos, connecting the mountainous, forested north with the more arid south. Along the way, its silt-laden waters pass a succession of astonishing rock formations, cave complexes, waterfalls and scenery of exceptional grandeur, as well as numerous ethnic minority villages and some of the country’s signature sights, including Luang Prabang and the Si Phon Don (‘4000 Islands’) region.

A handful of companies run luxury cruises on the river, enabling you to experience its monuments, breathtaking scenery and great cultural diversity in world-class comfort. Broadly speaking, travellers have three options: short, 2-day cruises in the north; 2-day cruises in the south; or longer, 10-day expeditions along the full extent of the Lao Mekong.

Departure dates tend to be fixed a year or more in advance, but wider-ranging tours of various lengths, incorporating extensions in Laos itself, or into neighbouring countries, may be devised around them. Contact our Indochina specialists for more details.


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