Malaysia boasts some of the richest biodiversity on the planet, and the country’s well managed national park system provides an efficient infrastructure for access and viewing it, while an ever increasing crop of quality hotels and lodges ensures an exceptional degree of comfort – even in extremely remote places.

On the mainland, our favourite wildlife hotspots include the Taman Negara National park, where a superb canopy walk suspended 30m above the forest floor makes for an adrenalin-fuelled introduction to the sounds and sights of the rainforest, and Belum Rainforest Reserve, whose trails lead to Rafflesia plants in full bloom, and jungle pools where you can swim with giant mahseer fish as hornbills flock in the trees overhead.

The areas retaining the highest concentrations of wildlife in Malaysia, however, are in remote corners of Borneo. In the forests lining the banks of the Kinabatanga River and Danum Valley of Sabah, orangutans, proboscis monkeys and grey gibbons are an everyday sight. The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is another heart-warming experience, allowing visitors to get close to rescued apes awaiting release into the wild.

In all of Malaysia’s national parks and reserves, you’ll be accompanied by an expert, English-speaking naturalist-guide, chosen by us, who knows the flora and fauna of the area you’re exploring inside out, and will ensure you see as much wildlife as possible during your stay.


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