Our popular ‘Foodie’s Tour’ of Seoul’s off-beat culinary highlights is the perfect way to experience the capital from the locals’ perspective. Travelling by public transport, you’ll sample the mouthwatering street food on offer at Gwangjang Market, notably bibimbap, a bowl of warm, white rice topped with sautéed vegetables, chilli pepper, and fermented soybean paste. Other specialities include crispy mung bean pancakes and red-orange teokbokki rice cakes in sweet and spicy sauces. You can be sure there will be platefuls of pungent kimchi – the quintessential Korean sidedish, comprising thin slices of Chinese cabbage mixed with chestnuts, turnips, fish flakes and red chilli pepper.

Our guide will also be able to take you to a traditional Korean tea shop in Insadong. Two, in particular, stand out. The Insadong Chatjip has an old-style madang (courtyard) where, in summer, you can sip sujeonggwa – a kind of spiced, non-alcoholic punch, while the famous Sin Yetchatjip occupies a grand, Confucian-style hanok house crammed with beautiful artworks and antiques. Signature brews here include jujube tea and ‘double harmony tea’, featuring a blend of exotic Japanese herbs and flower petals.

Wherever you travel in South Korea, our consultants will be able to suggest the best places to sample traditional Korean food and drink. We also offer a cookery workshop as an optional extra for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of the local cuisine.

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