Renowned for its 2,000-year-old cypress trees, the Alishan National Park is at the foot of Jade Mountain (3,952m), the highest point in northeast Asia. A metalled road runs to Alishan, but a more atmospheric way to reach the park is on the old narrow-gauge Forest Railway, which twists and turns through lush banana groves, bamboo forests and pine woods.

An obligatory stop en route is the village of Fenqihu, whose historic main streets are lined with antique wooden shops and narrow alleys, where you can sample cups of piquant wasabi coffee and local tea, as well as “stinky tofu” and other eye-watering mountain delicacies. The absolute ‘must do’ here, though, is the predawn train ride to the summit of Chushan Mountain to watch the sunrise, followed by a leisurely descent on foot.

Tea enthusiasts and tourists can explore the rich history and exquisite quality of Alishan tea, often referred to as High Mountain Tea. Cultivated on the misty higher slopes, Alishan oolong teas are meticulously hand-picked and undergo traditional oxidation methods, resulting in a distinctively floral aroma and a sweet, creamy flavour profile. Visitors can immerse themselves in the tea culture by touring the picturesque tea estates, witnessing the intricate tea-making process, and participating in tastings. Alishan's misty climate and fertile soil contribute to the teas' exceptional quality, offering a unique experience for those seeking to appreciate the artistry of tea production.

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