If one journey could be said to sum up the contradictions and joys of travel in Taiwan, it’s the twenty-minute cable-car ride from the capital, Taipei, into the surrounding hills. As the skyline of the pulsating modern city gives way to the tops of fir trees, a tranquil world of temples, ornamental gardens and tea houses takes over. Seated on a stone-lined terrace, you can gaze through gaps in the swirling mist at the distant metropolis over a bowl of sweet plums and cup of finest Chinese tea, poured from terracotta pots with bamboo handles.

Contrary to the country’s hi-tech image, traditional Oriental pleasures tend to provide the defining moments of trips to this distinctive island, located off the coast of southeast China... Watching shaven-headed monks lighting incense in ancient Shinto shrines; admiring the afterglow reflected on the glassy waters of Sun Moon Lake; tracing the arc of an eagle’s flight high above the marble crags of the Taroko Gorge, or sampling pungent “thousand-day eggs” beneath the two-thousand-year-old cypresses of Yushan mountain.

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