Hanoi’s five stars don’t have a monopoly on fine dining. In fact, some of the most authentic and delicious dishes in the city are served in the open-air kitchens of the old quarter and Hom Market, the biggest and most popular market in Hanoi. Join our popular ‘Street Food Tour’ for a trip around the district’s hidden culinary hotspots, led by local expert foodies. Set off on a morning tour, and you’ll be able to sample the quintessential Hanoi breakfast of hot pho – a fragrant beef noodle soup served from large, steaming cauldrons to punters perched on low stools.

Among numerous other dishes another local favourite is banh cuon, silky streamed rice pancakes of pork mince and black mushrooms, topped with crunchy caramelised shallots and a twist of lime. At lunchtime, braziers belch clouds of aromatic smoke from skewers of squid or spicy pork. Cult cafés also feature prominently on the tour where you can sample that rarest and most exotic of all Vietnam’s brews: chon, a smokey, chocolately and utterly delicious coffee made with beans harvested from the droppings of civet cats!

This is a 'must do' experience and can be woven into most itineraries visiting Hanoi. Speak to your consultant to find out more.

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