One of the smallest of Kathmandu Valley's ancient Kingdoms' Madhyapur Thimi overlooks Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan from its vantage point, high up on a hill. Over the centuries, it has been lauded for defending its neighbours by providing early warnings of invasions. Today, Thimi is simply known for being the best repository of Newari culture, tradition, art, and architecture and should not be missed.

The city has a unique panache for festivals, the most exuberant of which, The Biska Jatra or the Vermilion Festival, is celebrated in spring. Throngs of vermillion-covered devotees carry the grand chariot of the Goddess Balkumari, from her temple, through the streets of the city, to the temple of Prachanda Bhairva, accompanied by music, song and dance.

When visiting don't miss out on the city's beautiful Newari architecture displaying very intricate examples of clay works. Traditionally the inhabitants are of Prajapati or potters caste and caste and still carry the traditional and some fantastic examples of the work can be seen in the Pottery Square.

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