The great rivers of northeast India, Ganges, Brahmaputra and Hooghly – have been the principal transport arteries of the subcontinent for thousands of years – With much of the commercial trade following different means, these waterways now provide leisurely and peaceful routes for cruise visitors hoping to explore some of the most remote and rarely visited parts of the country.

Pioneered by long-standing and dear friends of Transindus, The Assam–Bengal Navigation Company (ABN) and Pandaw and Antara Cruises ply some beautiful and luxurious ships on India's waterways, from colonial-style steamers to modern state-of-the-art luxury ships. These beautiful vessels wind their way across the ancient waterways, pausing at the historic sights, wildlife parks and cultural centres that line the riverbanks. The perspective yielded by these journeys is unique.  The rural areas traversed have changed little in essence since the days of the East India Company, several of whose ruined trading posts rise from the paddy fields and sandbars as you glide across the silty water.

Their elegant and handsomely furnished crafts ensure luxurious comfort throughout the journey in air-conditioned en suite cabins. The wood-lined bar and dining areas offer sumptuous food and drink while the large canopied decks are perfect for watching life drift past on and alongside the water – all in all, a wonderfully relaxing way to experience parts of India rarely visited by visitors by road.

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