Picture a Rajput palace, its ochre-washed walls rising sheer from a sandstone outcrop to apartments encrusted with domed cuppolas and pleasure pavilions. Now imagine gazing from one of the courtyards hidden within it across a mass of flat rooftops to a horizon of scrub hills and dried river beds. It’s a vision you could encounter a hundred times or more in Rajasthan, literally ‘Land of Kings’, where India’s northern plains segue into the mighty Thar Desert.

Nowhere else in the country boasts such flamboyant architecture. Traditional dress is more prevalent here too than most other regions, with the men wearing bulky turbans dyed vibrant colours, and the women decked from head to toe in embroidered textiles and heavy silver jewellery. Couple all this with some world-class heritage accommodation in converted royal palaces, and you’ll understand why Rajasthan offers the perfect recipe for a luxury holiday.

Our tour itineraries will guide you through the state’s highlights, from its salmon-coloured capital, Jaipur, to the majestic lake city of Udaipur. But they also include stops at some lesser known gems – such as fort hotels deep in the countryside, and tented camps out in the desert – where you can gain a taste of off-track, rural Rajasthan as few visitors experience it.



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