Dating back to prehistoric times, the King's Highway in Jordan has long been an important trade route. It was mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, as the king of Edom refused to allow Moses to travel along it. The route has also been in the hands of the Nabateans and Romans over the years.

It was only when alternatives, such as the Hejaz Railway and Desert Highway, were constructed that the King's Highway lost its significance. Today, it is a narrow and often potholed meandering road, but it passes through some of the country's most beautiful countryside and those who journey on it cannot help but feel its sense of history.

A plethora of fascinating sites can be visited at stops along the way, including the crusader castles of Karak and Shobak and the historic town of Madaba, which is complete with intricate mosaics. There is also the Dana Nature Reserve and everyday life going on in small towns and fields that can be seen from the road.

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