Crowning a pinnacle in the Aravalli Mountains, Kumbalgarh is the loftiest of the region’s many fortress-palaces, and a prominent landmark in the anals of Rajasthan. Its creator, Rana Kumbha, who ruled in the mid-15th century, is something of a legend for his resistance to Mughal invasion, which the ramparts encircling the citadel perfectly epitomize. Undulating around the edge of a rocky plateau, these battlements are often likened to the Great Wall of China – and although they only extend for 25km, the resemblance is uncanny, as you’ll see in our picture gallery!

The Rajasthan Tourism authorities and Archeological Survey of India have done a splendid job restoring the walls, and the walk around them is a must for anyone who enjoys a lung-stretching trek. You have to start before dawn to avoid the worst of the heat later in the day, and to see the surrounding countryside in the prettiest light. We recommend just covering half the circuit – the relentless ups and downs, and steep gradients, present a stiff physical challenge even if you are relatively fit.

Should you be tempted, speak to one of our specialist consultants, who can advise on the best hotels in the area. We’ll also arrange for a local Bhil guide to accompany you, and transport you to and from the trailhead. Consider adding a day trekking India's "Great Wall" on one of these popular itineraries:

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