The expansive canyon of Wadi Mujib is located just off the King's Highway in Jordan and has been a natural focal point since biblical times. It has often marked the border between jurisdictions and this is the case today, with the governorate of Madaba on one side and that of Karak on the other.

From the highway it is easy to access a viewing platform, which offers vistas across four kilometre-wide and 500 metre-deep canyon. In recent years a dam has been built and frogs can be heard in the wetter area below. Large birds, including kestrels, vultures and eagles can often be seen soaring above the canyon.

Treks into the canyon can be hot and dry, and often start early in the morning to avoid the strongest periods of sun. Walking in the Mujib Biosphere Reserve opens up the possibility of seeing creatures such as the Nubian ibex, Syrian wolf and striped hyena.

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