Before the Arab conquest of Persia in the mid 7th century, most of the region’s inhabitants were Zoroastrians, and this city became the religion’s stronghold after the spread of Islam. Among the oldest continuously inhabited urban centres in the world, it remains home to a sizeable Zoroastrian minority, and is one of Iran’s great highlights due to its dramatic desert setting and well preserved old town – amaze of traditional mud brick and adobe alleys and buildings sprouting a forest of distinctive wind towers, or bagdirs.

Between visits to its exotic religious monuments, admiring sumptuous Qajar glazed tilework, you can wander for hours around the lanes of the old city exploring the silk and carpet weaving for which Yazd is renowned. Many of the hotels and guest houses retain ancient wood doors and hidden courtyards. Views over the distinctive skyline are breath-taking at sunset time. We particularly love the one from the rooftop of the Art Café, which serves delicious local coffee laced with cardamom.

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