Gangtok, Indian Himalayas, India

Dating from the early 1930s, the Nor-Khill is a charming heritage hotel on the edge of Gangtok which over the years has welcomed the Dalai Lama, various foreign ambassadors and movie stars.

Even so, the overall tone here is unpretentious and warm – white silk scarves are placed around the necks of new arrivals, and a nip of local cherry brandy offered if the weather’s chilly.

Polished wood parquet floors, thick Nepali rugs and touches of vibrant Sikkimese painted wood, murals and furniture lend a traditional Himalayan feel to the interiors. The accommodation is impeccably clean and comfortable, and staff extremely helpful – expect to be asked for your key in the evening so that a hot-water bottle can be inserted into your bed before you turn in for the night! And there’s a relaxing garden where you can enjoy views of Kanchenjunga over a gin gimlet.


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