Corbett National Park, Indian Himalayas, India

Astride a bluff overlooking the Ramganga River, the Infinity Wilderness is the best situated of any lodge at Corbett, India’s oldest national park. From the hotel’s sun deck you can gaze up a sweeping S-bend of bleached pebbles and rushing water, flanked by forested Himalayan foothills, without so much as a building or road in sight.

Grouped into double-storeyed blocks of four, the rooms here are spacious and high-ceilinged, with safari-style dark-wood furniture and comfy beds. Outside sitting space is limited to a semi-private balcony, but there are plenty of relaxing hidey holes around the grounds. Buffet meals are served in a splendid circular dining hall made of dressed river stones and giant teak trunks. You can sit next to an open fire in the centre, or take your food outside to a sunny terrace.

TransIndus clients regularly enthuse about the Infinity’s sparkling, kidney-shaped pool, set amid the mango trees in the garden, where you might run into the hotel’s resident elephant, Lakshmi, on her rounds recruiting punters for jaunts into the neighbouring forest.

Our opinion

One of the best lodges in Corbett National Park with good naturalists and good first class facilities.

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