Ladakh, Indian Himalayas, India

Bissected by the Indo-Chinese border, Pangong Lake is as remote and spectacular as Asia gets. Until recently, you had to endure some privation to see its opalescent waters and chimeric mountain backdrop. Now, a clutch of seasonal camps have sprung up to cater for summer visitors and this is by far the best of them. Situated on a raised plot of land 8km away from the rest of the camps, it offers grandstand views over the water and high levels of comfort considering the stupendously wild and far-flung location. Its rooms are yurt-style chalets (in two categories) mounted on stone and cement plinths, with proper king-sized beds, bathrooms and electrical heaters (supplied by generator). Meals are prepared fresh and served in a separate, wood-lined, heated dining room. In short: everything you need for a comfortable stay in a location of unimaginable beauty and remoteness.

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