Kota, Rajasthan, India

WelcomHeritage Umed Bhawan Palace, former residence of the Maharaja of Kota in southeast Rajasthan, is a classic turn-of-the-century pile, conceived in a grand hybrid style that came to be known as ‘Indo-Sarcenic’.

Master of the genre was British-army architect Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, who made his name fusing Mughal-Rajput splendour with High Victorian pomp. The results weren’t always successful from an aesthetic point of view, but they were always impressive, as this palace amply demonstrates.

WelcomHeritage Umed Bhawan Palace is today a superb period piece, immaculately refurbished by the WelcomHeritage chain, who’ve breathed new life into its sumptuously painted stucco ceilings and long marble corridors. It’s the perfect springboard for visits to the City Palace and famous Rao Singh Museum.

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WelcomHeritage Umed Bhawan Palace is the best available accommodation in Kota.

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