Shilimb, West India, India

The Sahyadris, the northern portion of India’s Western Ghat range, are among our very favourite regions of the country – a pristine and spectacularly beautiful tract of basalt peaks and thick forest that has always been notoriously difficult to explore due to the paucity of commendable places to stay. Until now, that is. High in the hills overlooking Pawana Lake, the new Shillim Wellness Retreat provides a luxurious, revitalizing launchpad from which to explore this hitherto inaccessible landscape. The valley views are out of this world: from the pool, you gaze across miles of uninterrupted greenery and shadowy ridges – perfect trekking and birdwatching terrain. The hotel was originally conceived as a retreat centre, specializing in yoga and complementary therapies, but it’s equally somewhere to come just to enjoy the wild surroundings in great luxury, with ultra-stylish rooms giving expansive panoramas through their floor-to-ceiling windows. Numerous Maratha hillforts and ancient rock-cut caves in the area provide targets for memorable daytrips.

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