India    29.03.2021    Amrit Singh

To celebrate the launch of TransIndus's staycation tours that explore Indian influences in British life, we will be talking to Clive Williams OBE following his lecture on:

The Nabobs of Berkshire, the English Hindoostan

Nabobs were 18th and 19th century employees of the East India Company who amassed fortunes in India and returned to England as wealthy men. With hopes of public and political life, many chose to settle in Berkshire, at estates like Basildon Park, Englefield House and Purley Hall. Such was their enthusiasm for the county, it was soon nicknamed 'the English Hindoostan'.

This talk is organised by Transindus Limited to accompany its new series of tours that explores the history of Great houses of the UK with connections to the Sub-continent.

Listen to a recording of the event: