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The Perfect Feel-Good Getaway

Steeped in ancient legends and set in spellbinding and ethereal landscapes of deep valleys, meandering rivers, sloping hillsides and stunning limestone Krasts, Vietnam comes complete with an illustrious history and the unique cultures and customs of its indigenous people. Is it any wonder that Vietnam has firmly established itself as one of the most experiential countries to visit? A must on every traveller’s bucket list.

With 53 ethnic minorities, 30 national parks, 8 UNESCO Heritage sites and rich heritage, Vietnam fulfils the needs of even the most widely travelled and discerning travellers. Whether you choose to soak up thousands of years of its history, explore and assail its natural wonders, gently sail along its great rivers in beautiful cruise ships or relax and unwind with the fine white sand of its beaches beneath your toes… Vietnam has you covered!

Our tailor-made holidays are carefully designed and infused with local experiences that help immerse you in the local culture and create rewarding memories that will last a lifetime.

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1) Discover Hanoi, Vietnam's charismatic Capital on the Red River

Hanoi may be expanding and modernising at an extraordinary pace but retains a mesmerising medieval heart in its Old Quarter. Here you find evidence of the traders and invaders that occupied her, from the French, the Chinese and the Americans. This is one of the most atmospheric square kilometres in Asia, where traditional craftsmen ply their trade in narrow alleyways lined with shophouses.

For the most memorable experience, we say start early, shed the car and explore the city on foot, and en route, join in with one of the open-air Ti-Chi sessions in Hanoi's numerous parks.

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2) Experience Halong Bay

Rising majestically from the northern shores of Vietnam, the limestone formations of Halong Bay create a unique, spellbinding landscape. Around 2,000 islands, islets, outcrops and towering limestone Krasts, draped in thick rainforest vegetation and riddled with caves and grottos soar above the green-blue waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Here a fleet of luxuriously converted junks guides visitors to the finest viewpoints and beauty spots to explore the bay and its natural beauty. the most popular of them grouped on the western side of the bay.

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3) Explore the spectacular hills of Sapa

French colonials established this beautiful hill station as a summer retreat high in the beautiful Hoang Lien Son Mountains of northwest Vietnam, surrounded by ethnic minority villages. Severely damaged by the Japanese in the 1940s and again during the Vietnam-China War of 1979, Sapa now enjoys a new lease of life as a retreat for holidaymakers seeking to experience the spectacular mountain scenery and iconic rice terraces, on short walks and gentle treks. or simply enjoying the pine forests, deep valleys and swirling mountain fogs.

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4) Uncover the history of Hue

One of the most ancient cities in Vietnam, Hue was the Imperial Capital of the Nguyen Dynasty throughout its 143-year reign and was famed for the piety of its monasteries and the splendour of its royal palaces and mausoleums. Hue endured much damage during the Indochina wars, but extensive restoration work has revived much of its cultural legacy, including the famous moated Dai Noi citadel on the banks of the Perfume River. At the centre of the citadel lies the ‘Forbidden Purple City’ where successive Emperors and Queens have enjoyed life amid fabulous pomp served by ranks of concubines, servants and eunuchs.

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5) Enjoy atmospheric Hoi An

Once a thriving port, the 16th-century town of Hoi An is considered one of the world’s most romantic places to visit. Positioned alongside the picturesque Thu Bon River, Hoi An is brimming full of centuries-old cultural treasures, quaint tube houses and historic sites including the iconic Japanese covered bridge. The beautifully restored French enclave is ideal for relaxed explorations as you wander through or linger at some of its numerous art cafés to soak up the traditional Vietnamese atmosphere of its riverfront, market district.

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6) Experiences of the Mekong Delta

The Delta of the Mekong River begins a couple of hours’ drive south of Ho Chi Minh City and extends west over 15,000 sq miles (39,000 sq km) to the Gulf of Thailand. Known as ‘Vietnam’s Rice Bowl’, it’s one of the most intensively farmed, densely inhabited regions in Asia. Mile upon mile of lush paddy fields carpets the flat landscape, lined by fruit orchards and coconut groves. Encompassing a chequerboard of cultures, this is also one of the most ethnically diverse parts of the country – a fact reflected in the rich architectural heritage of the larger towns, many of whose inhabitants live crammed into houseboats on the river, or in stilt houses perched above it.

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7) Deep dive into the many facets of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon is Vietnam’s busiest and most populous city and epitomises the contrasting and everchanging facets of modern Vietnam. Vibrant, dynamic and evolving at a breathless pace, yet retains strong connections with its past. As ‘Saigon’, the metropolis served as the capital of French Indochina, acquiring a spread of suave buildings and boulevards that earned it the epithet ‘Paris of the Orient. More than a hint of Gallic grandeur survives in the swanky Dong Khoi district, the setting for Graham Greene’s era-defining novel, The Quiet American, where now designer boutiques line up alongside some of Asia’s finest restaurants and smart hotels.

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