Jordan is an Arabic-speaking, predominantly Muslim country with a sizeable minority of ethnic Bedouin tribespeople in the arid regions of the south, and to the east of the Desert Highway. Although many reside in Amman, and as such are largely indistinguishable from the wider population, some continue to live a semi-nomadic life, following their flocks and sleeping in black, goat-hair tents, or beit al-sha’aer.

Visiting Petra you’ll come into contact with numerous Bedouin, as the men work as camel drivers, guides and stallholders at the site. For a truly immersive cultural experience you can also choose to spend a night in a Bedouin camp at Wadi Rum, where you’ll help prepare traditional Bedouin coffee and the national dish of Jordan, ‘mansaf’, lamb in ‘jameed’ (sheep’s milk broth), served on a large, round platter.

TransIndus clients have also greatly enjoyed spending a day ‘shadowing’ Bedouin shepherds as they tend their flocks in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, or helping local women to bake ‘kohl’ flabread.

TransIndus clients have also greatly enjoyed participating in cookery courses at various places around the country – two of our favourite are the Beit Sitti (‘Grandmother’s House’) in an old quarter of Amman, and Petra Kitchen in Wadi Musa, where you shop for the ingredients before cooking sessions.


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