The future certainly looks promising for this proud nation, whose Khmer monuments alone ensure its position at the forefront of Indochina’s booming tourist industry.

Chief among its historic vestiges, of course, is Angkor Wat, the colossal temple complex assembled by the Khmer kings in what is now the north of Cambodia. Nearly everyone who visits the country travels to this see this extraordinary campus of ancient shrines, and with good reason. But TransIndus tours also feature trips to less known sites in the area such as Prasat Preah Vihear, where a breathtaking fortress-palace crowns the top of a sheer-sided granite plateau.

Elsewhere in the country await miles of beautiful, relatively undiscovered tropical beaches, jungle hills, lakes with floating villages, elephants and amazing waterfalls – in short, attractions comparable to those of neighbouring Vietnam and Thailand, but with only a fraction of the number of visitors.

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