With its tracts of enormous shifting dunes, Oman is just the place to live out those Lawrence of Arabia fantasies! We’ve teamed up with some fantastic local operators with years of experience of taking visitors into Arabian desert, and there’s no more authentic way to do it than by camel, sleeping in special camps set up for visitors.

The ones we use are ultra-comfortable, and located at spots close to some of the largest and more picturesque dunes. They’re furnished in traditional style, with hand-woven rugs and bolsters, and open fires outside where you can gather after dark to enjoy the crystal clear night time skies.

Rest assured that our Omani partners are sticklers when it comes to animal welfare. They adore their camels and love to share the experience of being with them miles from anywhere. Only a half hour out of camp, all signs of the modern world will have disappeared and the only sounds will be the distinctive creak of saddles and hooves on sand – an atmosphere that would have been all too familiar to the frankincense traders of past centuries.

Trips range from two- to three-hour trips to overnight stays, when you’ll have the chance to visit an authentic Bedouin camp and interact with the people who still live in these extraordinarily beautiful areas. The two we use are the Wahiba Sands (aka the Sharqiya Desert) of eastern Oman, and the Rub’ al Khali (‘Empty Quarter’) in the far southeast, near Salalah.

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